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Exterior Detailing

At Dominion Auto Detailing, LLC., we pride ourselves on using the right equipment and products paired with proper techniques 
to revitalize your automobile's exterior. We have the exterior service to meet your needs, ranging from a protective sealant detail,
to clay bar and polishing, to applying a highly durable glass coating. If you need help deciding which service will meet your
needs don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an e-mail.

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Ceramic Pro Sport - $300 Spring special ONLY (April-June)

(3-4 hours) 
-Foam Bath wash,clay followed by Hand Wash & Dry
-Apply Ceramic pro sport Exterior
-Clean & Dress Wheels, Rims & Tires (Apply Ceramic Pro wheel coating )

-Apply (Rain coating on windows)
-Dress all Rubber Moldings
-Clean Door Jams, 

**** 6 month Warranty Protection****

Standard Detail (Exterior Only) - $380+

(5-6 hours)  Recommended once a year. This detail includes:

-Wash and dry vehicle -Clean wheels and tires -Dress tires -Clean window and mirrors both interior and exterior -Claying entire car or spot claying necessary areas (i.e. areas that are more inclined to the elements) -1 step polishing for light swirl removal/marring/paint imperfections 
- Apply Sealant or Ceramic pro sport (add $80 *Optional engine cleaning and dressing (additional)

Ceramic Pro  Glass Coating Service (click for details)

(3-5 days)

*Call for Pricing*

* (+) denotes price increase based upon size and condition of vehicle