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Interior Detailing

At Dominion Auto Detailing, LLC., we pride ourselves on using the right products paired with proper techniques to revitalize your interior to a factory new appearance. This means you will NOT be left with any shiny, oily, or slippery surfaces caused by high silicone dressings. 
​Products like these contribute to re-soiling and can degrade the protective coating on vinyl and leather seating.

Basic Interior - $60+

Recommended for interiors that are fairly clean and only require a vacuum and wipe down.
-Includes complete vacuum of interior
-Interior blown ​out with compressed air
-Light cleaner/ protectant used on all interior surfaces
-Streak free windows

​Deluxe Interior - $120+

Recommended for dirty interiors which require additional time and materials

-Steam Clean or ShampooUpholstery & Floor Mats

-Steam Clean & Condition Leather (if applicable) -Steam Clean Dashboard/Consoles/Doorjambs -Clean & Protect all hard surfaces
-Spot Treating of Carpet/Fabric Stains -Vacuum Interior & Trunk

-Windows Cleaned

Ozone Treatment - $60+

-Eliminates strong odor

-Eliminates smoke odor

-Neutralizes air in vehicle

* (+) denotes price increase based upon size and condition of vehicle