Exterior Detail Services w/ Interior Detail


Mobile Business - Woodbridge,VA


Deluxe Detail - $450+

(5-7 hours) Recommended once a year for clients who have “near-new” vehicles. This detailing service includes a hand wash along with:

-Claying entire car or spot claying necessary areas -Light Swirl and Haze Removal (1 step Polishing) -Wax or Sealant -Clean window and mirrors both interior and exterior -Clean and Polish Chrome/Metal Trim ​-Headlight Restoration -Spot clean upholstery -Deluxe interior detail *Optional engine cleaning and dressing (additional)

Superior Detail - $1400+

(3-5 days) Recommended for neglected vehicles that need a lot of attention. This detailing service includes everything from the DELUXE Detail along with:

-Engine Cleaning & Dressing -3 step polishing (removes fine scratches and/or swirls) 

Ceramic Pro  Glass Coating Service (click for details)

*Call for Pricing*

* (+) denotes price increase based upon size and condition of vehicle